We all have limited energy and sometimes we think of something we might like to do – but it just takes too much energy. That lack of energy creates friction.

Amazon has removed the friction to making a sale by having your credit card on file so you just click “buy it now” and it arrives on your doorstep shortly.

You can actually put friction between yourself and something – for example: put the cord to the TV in the trunk of the car – thereby creating friction between yourself and watching TV.

We can manage friction to make it easier to do what we want, and to do less of what we don’t want. That’s one of the keys to living intentionally. Make friction your friend today!

Look around your space and ask yourself:
What needs more friction?
What needs less?

The title uses the word “do the right thing” and in this case I’m not talking about moral right and wrong – I’m talking about the things we want to do to achieve our goals… rather than watching TV for example. So while it sounds like a value judgement, what the “right” thing is for you depends on the goal you are trying to achieve – not on some moral judgement.

Today’s message was inspired by the writings of Steven Kotler.

This message brought to you by TheSimplicityMindset.com

Making room for what matters most.

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