When Your Dreams Change…

When we moved into our tiny house, I sat down and designed my dream house of 1,200 square feet. After 6 months of living tiny, I designed a dream house of 900 square feet. A year later I designed an even smaller dream house. The dream was changing and SIMPLICITY was the reason...

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Defining Simplicity

What does "Simplicity" even mean? I didn't find Webster helpful on this one so I set out to write my own definition. Here's what Simplicity means to me...

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Learning Experiences

I am so passionate about SIMPLICITY that I have created a series of learning experiences to help you walk out of chaos into order - so that you may make room for purpose, meaning and mission. Once upon a time, I lit a candle in our tiny house and very soon we were both coughing,... Continue Reading →

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Falling in Step with Heaven

Those who know me know I have been on a journey out of conformity for quite a while, and God continues to call me farther out of this toxic place. Today I'd like to encourage you to take a step out of the boat and move closer to being the person God created you to be among the people God called you to love. Sometimes it's hard to know who that person is - Gideon heard the Lord address him as "Mighty Warrior" and I imagine him...

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House Tour

https://youtu.be/lLV6d6uLhWI Tour the living room/dining room/bedroom/music room of our Smart Sexy Small House above. Welcome to our Smart Sexy Small Home! We practice a variation on the theme of Minimalism that we call Purposeful Simplicity. We live in a very small house in order to make space in our lives for the things that matter... Continue Reading →

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Consumerism & the Church

I'm fascinated by the difference in perspective between the church of the early 18th century, and their concern over "vanity" which was a sin and church-goers were urged to pay more attention to their soul than their shoes... contrast that with...

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