Welcome! I’m Carmen Shenk and I’m a contemplative textile artist. I’m headed to grad school in the fall of 2022 (Eastern Mennonite Seminary) and I’m enjoying weaving and making things with my hand woven cloth – so stay tuned for an Etsy store update.

I also have a YouTube channel where I have created over 500 videos (wow, has it really been that many?!) with 770K views – mostly on our lives in a tiny house, or life after the tiny house in our smart, sexy, small house, and a variety videos on simple faith and what it means to follow the homeless man of Nazareth. Oh, and how to cut your own pixie haircut. And weaving. Lots of weaving. Visit my channel

It is my intention to get back to making videos one of these days, but for now I am enjoying time at the loom. Funny, Covid made me realize that I wanted to be at the loom just like my Mennonite ancestors who were weavers. Weaving feels like my creative and spiritual home.

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