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I am Carmen Shenk, and I am an artist, entrepreneur and communicator helping individuals embrace purposeful simplicity, intentional self care, and empowering spirituality. I’ll help you minimize the mundane aspects of life, in order to make space for meaning and contentment. I’m glad you’re here.

#FaithFriday In the moment Gideon said “if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?” is the moment when the Lord was standing right beside him. A story of victory and provision was in the works then, and another story of victory and provision is in the works now. God is for you…

Podcast Episode 21

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#TinyHouseTuesday I asked Brenda what she’d say to someone who was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin in the journey to living in a much smaller home. She suggested starting in the closet, and I completely agree. Changes in the closet may seem overwhelming, but it’s one of the most rewarding parts of the home to tackle, and it doesn’t take as long as you’d think. Now that we’re all at home more than usual thanks to Covid-19, here’s your opportunity to tackle a project that will really pay off…

#FaithFriday I’ve been undone by a new song this week called “The Blessing” with Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes and I wanted to share a few thoughts about why I think it hit me so hard. I think this may resonate with you. And remember, He is for you! Read more…

Podcast Episode 19

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#TinyHouseTuesday release this week features author Brenda Mason who moved from her 3100 sq ft home in Utah to a tiny house of 310 sq ft in Virginia… and did that dramatic downsizing and move all in 31 days – including an estate sale! She’s written a book sharing her process and these days she walks many people through her process to liberation. Hear her amazing story now…

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In this video interview with Vonda Driver, I learn all about CBD oil, what it does (and doesn’t do) and how it may be able to help you as well. Learn more…

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I got tested for food sensitivities and started to remove those foods from my diet, talk about game changer. How about you? Learn more…

Money Saving Class Bundle by Carmen Shenk

The Simplify My Life Class Bundle Includes:

  • Tiny on Purpose: Life Purpose & Intentional Simplicity video course
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Go from chaos to clarity in moments instead of months. Learn more…
Making room for contentment rather than conformity. Learn more…
Go from chaos to order in moments instead of months. Learn more…

Kitchen Simplicity provides a road map for going tiny, embracing simplicity, and eating well, even when your kitchen is small. It’s a can-do conversation with author, chef, tiny house expert, Carmen Shenk, who shared her methods on how she creates delectable food while living in her own home of 125 square feet.

Carmen’s simple living philosophy demonstrates how minimalism can be a choice, not a hardship. She’ll help you move past the media-fed “privation mentality” to a place of purposeful simplicity… more

I brought together luminaries from the Tiny House Community for this virtual summit. Hearing these personal stories will help you simplify your life, lower your expenses, live more intentionally, and make room for your largest dreams… read more


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