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…on mindset, simplicity, purpose and the other delicious things I’m learning on my journey to #mountaintopliving.

Mindfulness keeps out of out traumatic past or fearful future modes and keeps us right here in the NOW – and scientists tell us that flushes the stress hormones out of our system. WIN! Learn more…

Mindfulness: The Power of Staying in the Deep NOW & some cool brain science
Is CHAOS on your last nerve? Yep! Me too! Here are a few tools to deal with CHAOS BRAIN.

Shalom is a state of being in peace, simplicity, order… all the things my brain ISN’T when I’m struggling with swirls of chaos in my brain. I have learned to do a number of things when I get there… see video.

Today I’m exploring Core Values, Flow and Excellence
The book that started the tiny house movement… years later.
Perfectionism is SUCH a pain! So is starting over…
Expanding my mindset on the Proverbs 31 women…
Some leaders use this verse to silence other believers but Jesus…
Reading “Simplify the Message: Multiply the Impact”
Reading “The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin.
How to be supportive when someone you love is dealing with infertility.
God is Releasing us into the HIGHER Ministry of Unconditional LOVE
Tour my Bookshelf for a quick tour through some of my favorites.
A colorful kid’s book about the deep ocean.
What do you think? Hook line and sinker? Or not? (Not!)

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My life verse in this season…
Something amazing is right around the corner!
Welcome to my blog where I share what I’m learning. Click any image to learn more. ~Carmen Shenk
Listening to Matt Beckenham today challenged me to think of Father in my own story…
My thoughts on Blame and Excuses plus a book review of “The Book of Mistakes” by Skip Prichard (Which I loved!)
Feeling underwater? Ready for a BOLD MOVE? “The Beginner’s Guide to Tiny Houses” may be just what…
Does vibrant faith ever grow from seeds of fear?
Exploring the intersection of faith and fear.
Do you TRUST who the church has become?
BECOMING requires intention
Learning to live in the FLOW