Carmen Shenk is a prophetic speaker with spiritual roots in the Mennonite tradition. She is a YouTube documentarian and a visual artist. Shenk creates wearable art pieces in the Saori weaving tradition, which is like jazz for yarn.

Shenk and her Austrian lived in a tiny house on wheels of 125 sq ft for 3.5 years. Their experience was transformative and led to her first book, and speaking at tiny house events all over the country. Shenk continues to be a minimalist with the notable exceptions of her yarn and jewelry collections. In her spare time she works on her smart, sexy, small house, works to create the eccentric and colorful capsule wardrobe of her dreams, and enjoys creating zero waste non-toxic personal care potions. Shenk is married to Xaver Wilhelmy, pipe organ builder, and they enjoy a simple and joyful life together with their sweet treat-addict dog.

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I share all the pretties I’m making on Instagram. Connect with me there and catch a glimpse of my smart, sexy, small house. My handsome Austrian and sweet dawg also make appearances from time to time.

Download my podcast on your favorite app, and follow along with Season 2 as I document the process of becoming a “Woman of the Cloth”. Here are some of the highlights from Season 1:

Episode 27 video or podcast
Breathing 25 video or podcast
Episode 29 video and podcast
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I brought together my friends in the tiny house movement for a virtual summit I call “Simplify My Life“. Hearing their simplicity stories has inspired me to keep going in my own journey to simplicity, continue to lower my expenses, and make room for my biggest dreams. How about you? Are you ready to simplify your life?

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I’ve created a bundle of classes from my experiences living tiny. These resources will help you find ways to simplify your own life – whether or not you wish to live in a tiny house.

The $99 Simplify My Life Class Bundle

The Simplify My Life Class Bundle Includes:

  • Tiny on Purpose video course
  • Make Room video course
  • Practically Tiny video course
  • 3 Practical Checklists
  • 5 Workbook style PDF’s
  • The Zero Waste Home workshop
  • The Simplify My Life Facebook group
  • ebook: Dreaming Big
  • BONUS: Get the Skunky Funk out of your Tiny House! workshop
  • BONUS: Right-Sizing Your Kitchen video course

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Go from chaos to clarity in moments instead of months. Learn more…
Making room for contentment rather than conformity. Learn more…
Go from chaos to order in moments instead of months. Learn more…

Ready to simplify your kitchen without the fear that you’ll downsize something you actually need? My capsule kitchen approach will help you choose your favorite things, and let go of the things you no longer need… read more

Kitchen Simplicity provides a road map for going tiny, embracing simplicity, and eating well, even when your kitchen is small. It’s a can-do conversation with author, chef, tiny house expert, Carmen Shenk, who shared her methods on how she creates delectable food while living in her own home of 125 square feet.

Carmen’s simple living philosophy demonstrates how minimalism can be a choice, not a hardship. She’ll help you move past the media-fed “privation mentality” to a place of purposeful simplicity… more