I am Carmen Shenk, and I am an artist, entrepreneur and communicator helping individuals embrace purposeful simplicity, intentional self care, and empowering spirituality. I’ll help you minimize the mundane aspects of life, in order to make space for meaning and contentment. I’m glad you’re here.

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November 2018 I took the Food Sensitivity Test from EverlyWell.com…

One year later…. here are the changes I am so grateful for…

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way…

Podcast episode 5: "Breath"

Kitchen Simplicity provides a road map for going tiny, embracing simplicity, and eating well, even when your kitchen is small. It’s a can-do conversation with author, chef, tiny house expert, Carmen Shenk, who shared her methods on how she creates delectable food while living in her own home of 125 square feet.

Carmen’s simple living philosophy demonstrates how minimalism can be a choice, not a hardship. She’ll help you move past the media-fed “privation mentality” to a place of purposeful simplicity… more

Coming 2020
Coming 2020
Coming 2020

I brought together luminaries from the Tiny House Community for this virtual summit. Hearing these personal stories will help you simplify your life, lower your expenses, live more intentionally, and make room for your largest dreams… read more



I’m fascinated by what happens when we combine healing prayer and anointing oil. read more Join me for weekly prayer for healing Wednesday 10 am Eastern in our Facebook group.

Ready to simplify your kitchen without the fear that you’ll downsize something you actually need? My capsule kitchen approach will help you choose your favorite things, and let go of the things you no longer need… read more



My Austrian and I have teamed up to bring you this Etsy shop. He is an inventor, hot glass artist, and pipe organ builder… (and the love of my life). I love interior design, weaving on a rigid heddle loom, painting, and anything else creative…

Carmen’s Vlog = Two creatives in a Smart Sexy Small House (Life after the tiny house). I share how I cut my own hair, or how to paint an ombré wall… how I painted sheets and made them into curtains… or how to dye fabric to give it a whole new life. Any creative thing can happen at our place!

YouTube Playlist: Carmen’s Vlog