Carmen Shenk is a contemplative artist and prophetic voice with spiritual roots in the Anabaptist Mennonite faith tradition. Her empowering message is for those exploring a simple life and a religionless connection with the homeless man from Nazareth..

Carmen is a contemplative artist who weaves cloth in the Saori tradition on a rigid heddle loom in full glorious color. She weaves with yarn and recycled fabric and uses the handwoven cloth in her sewing and upcycling. Follow her creative projects on Instagram and look for her handmade products soon on Etsy.

Carmen and her Austrian lived in a tiny house on wheels of 125 sq ft for 3.5 years. Their experience was transformative and led to her first book, Kitchen Simplicity, and speaking at tiny house events all over the country. Even though they no longer live in a tiny house, Carmen and Xaver continue to live a simple life.

Carmen’s husband Xaver Wilhelmy is an inventor, certified pipe organ builder, and restores the occasional vintage automobile. See his bio on Wikipedia. They own Geshenke aus Glas, and are the founders of the Wilhelmy School of Pipe Organ Building. They enjoy making off-grid low-tech changes and updates to their property, and enjoy a simple and beautiful life with their squeaky-ball-obsessed border collie Coco. ©2023 Carmen Shenk LLC, All Rights Reserved

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