Today marks the beginning of a new series on 02/22/2022. I’m calling it “Thinking Out Loud” which isn’t the slightest bit clever, but it does give me the opportunity to unpack ideas and assumptions from my youth – including the idea that more is always better when it comes to home size. Dominant culture suggest that buying bigger is always better – but it doesn’t address how it feels to live in oversized spaces. But with a smaller home, possessions don’t balloon into chaos quite as much.

We purposefully purchased a small home, and have used it as a kind of cap on our collecting. If it doesn’t fit in our small space – it has to go. It’s not your usual spartan sort of minimalism – but it’s a kind of minimalism in that the small space is a intentional limiting factor. That’s something that’s worked well for us and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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