I am so passionate about SIMPLICITY that I have created a series of learning experiences to help you walk out of chaos into order – so that you may make room for purpose, meaning and mission.

Once upon a time, I lit a candle in our tiny house and very soon we were both coughing, wheezing, and feeling dramatically ill. Once I realized what was happening, I threw out the candle, and opened all the windows to air out. Then closed them again so the heater could catch up. We were fine after that – but it was a shocking experience!

That’s just one example of how toxic products can slip into our homes without us realizing, and sometimes household cleaners are among the worst offenders. I don’t want you taking on a right-sizing process and steeping in toxic cleaners as you go along. So I created this short class I show you how to detox your collection of household cleaners and clear the air in a variety of ways. This class includes a helpful PDF with my recipes for the frugal non-toxic household cleaners that I use when I clean.

Detox Your Home 7

Simplicity – How takes you through a very nuts-and-bolts approach to Simplicity in 3 core areas of the home: Kitchen, Closet, and Bathroom. This helpful and systematic class includes 3 helpful PDF checklists that will help you assess and refine your collection. This class will help you tame the chaos monster for good! This class comes to celebrate every win with you!

Simplicity – How 27

A powerful “WHY” can be a motivating factor that can keep you on course. The problem is – many people don’t know what they actually stand to gain by dramatically simplifying their lives… and that’s where this intensive 40 minute class comes in. I walk you through the 4 key motivators to Simplicity, and teach you to manage the friction to easily make habits toward you own why.

Simplicity – Why 37

Right-sizing efforts are rarely effective long term unless they are based in purpose. Unfortunately, culture makes “life purpose” into some big magical and unknowable thing – but that’s not accurate. We CAN know the purpose for our lives in this season. We can stock our lives to meet that purpose, and then let go of the rest. And that is the fundamental foundation of simplicity that brings us to clarity, contentment and alignment.

Included in Simplicity on Purpose is a workshop that takes you through the creative process toward the clarity of your own purpose. This class has helped many people and even some organizations with purpose clarification. This class is included in Simplicity on Purpose at no additional charge.

Simplicity on Purpose (including Your Purpose Journey) 97 Live class scheduled for March/April 2022.

This group of learning experiences make up TheSimplicityMindset.com

Visit TheSimplicityMindset.com for your free ebook: Simplicity Now: 5 Ways you can Simplify Your Life Today.

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