Alexis Stephens

Alexis Stephens is co-founder/owner of Tiny House Expedition and the most traveled tiny house in the world. Today we’ll talk about ways to simplify, and give some helpful tips on living tiny legally.

Reverse Engineering Contentment

Culture tells us that we work hard, gain success, and then we will be content… but what if that’s not true? What if we started from a place of contentment? How would that change how we work, and what we chase…

Prophetic Anointing

I’ve been following Craig Cooney on social media, his website is and I find his work so encouraging. Long long ago and far far away I walked in a prophetic anointing. It was glorious at times. I have stories that would blow your mind. Like I said… “long ago and far away”I will beContinue reading “Prophetic Anointing”