New HairI cut my own hair. I have for years. I can’t count the times people have been shocked and wonder how on earth?!! Well… this video will answer that question. I had the camera rolling the last time I cut my hair and this is the result.
BTW, I know this isn’t for everyone.  I would not for a moment suggest cutting long glorious hair to this style!  If this suits you, then I hope you find this video helpful in learning how I do it so that you can create your own simple hair self care routines.
Perhaps a more interesting question than “how?!” is “why?!!” and that may not be what you think.
I fought my hair for many years! It didn’t do what I wanted it to. It wouldn’t hold a curl – ever. I have a cowlick that made it do weird things – no matter how I tried to counteract that. I could complain at length about my hair! LOL!
At some point I gave up the fight against my hair and made peace. Now it gets to do exactly as it pleases without me getting all bent out of shape about it! Ah peace.  It felt good to donate the curling irons and hair dryer. Plus, that made tiny house living easier. We didn’t have space or electrical power for anything extra – so it was a real perk to decide I didn’t need any of that stuff anyway.  fragrance
Plus, it helped me detox my life to quit using shampoo and conditioner with synthetic perfumes, hairspray and all the other hair care products that are loaded with toxins.  And as an additional perk – my bathroom is no longer coated in a thin film of shellac.  LOL!  That stuff is hard to clean.  Did I mention how much money I save this way?

When my hair is it’s natural color, all I need to keep it extremely happy and healthy is a bar of handmade soap from Magellan’s Gift. I asked her about a “shampoo bar” and she said that was just great marketing. LOL!  Her hand made soap products are amazing!

I also make hand made Castile soap every few years, and that is also perfect for hair that is not color treated, plus it’s good for everything else around here.  It’s just so cool that a great quality olive oil, lye, and water are all that is needed for a great bar of soap that is perfect in every way!  Love that stuff!  I loved the simplicity of not even needing shampoo or conditioner, but then I started coloring my hair again.
1 SLSOnce I started coloring my hair again, I have found that Young Living’s Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner are my favorites by far! The shampoo takes some getting used to since it is SLS free – and that means it doesn’t bubble up.  Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a toxin that is often used to make those “scrubbing bubbles” and when it’s not in the shampoo – it just feels strange since it’s not what we’re used to.  But it leaves my hair clean, and that’s the important thing.
shampoo conditionerMy favorite is the Young Living conditioner – the Lavender Mint.  That stuff is remarkable for healing hair after bleach and dye! It works better than some VERY expensive brands (ahem Olaplex) and it’s non-toxic.  WIN!

Of course I still dye my hair – and that is an arguably toxic process.  That is a form of self expression that won’t change any time soon!! I love all  my colors!

I also love being at peace with my hair. I also love riding in my MGB with the top down!! This hair style is impossible to mess up! 🧡❤️💜 And styling this hair is so insanely easy!  So if you are curious how a super simple pixie haircut works – check out the video above.
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