Radical Self Acceptance

Here’s an exercise in self care that challenges our own “retail therapy” habits, and increases our level of self acceptance so that we are less susceptible to marketing messages based on fear and shame. This in turn saves us money, saves the environment from more single-use-plastics, and increases our ability to minimize the mundane aspectsContinue reading “Radical Self Acceptance”

DIY Radiant Hair Spritz Recipe

This is a great potion to promote happy healthy hair, fast hair growth, and may even have aromatherapy benefits supporting balance and confidence…

Hair #003: Evaluating Needs

In the first session of this series, you gathered together all of your hair care products in one place. In the second session, we went through those products, weeding out the ones that are toxic. We have all outgrown using toxic products that don’t support our wellness goals! Today we cover a number of considerationsContinue reading “Hair #003: Evaluating Needs”

Hair #002: Detoxing Your Collection of Hair Products

Today we take a look at the products we gathered in session one. First, we take a look at some toxins commonly found in these products, and this will help us narrow down the collection very quickly.

Hair #001 Simply Vibrant Session One: Inventory

Welcome to Session One of my brand new series that will help you simplify self care! I’m calling it “Simply Vibrant: Elegant Non-Toxic Personal Care Routines”. In this series I talk about hair, skin, hands, face, makeup, and radical self acceptance… (And we’re starting with HAIR) because it doesn’t matter what you do to the body if you still look in the mirror and hate your reflection…

Introduction to Simply Vibrant

Join my email list so that you can see what happens when simple intentional self care, and empowering spirituality get together and have anointed lip balm babies! LOL! I am so excited to share this brand new series with you! Edited Transcript of Video: My name is Carmen Shenk. I’ll be your host as weContinue reading “Introduction to Simply Vibrant”

Arise and Eat

“Arise and eat.” That’s what God said to Elijah when he (Elijah that is) wanted to die. Then God said it again… “Arise and eat, you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.” Friend, God says it’s time to knock off the starvation diet and eat! You’ve got a long journey ahead of you andContinue reading “Arise and Eat”

Prophetic Anointing

I’ve been following Craig Cooney on social media, his website is DailyProphetic.com and I find his work so encouraging. Long long ago and far far away I walked in a prophetic anointing. It was glorious at times. I have stories that would blow your mind. Like I said… “long ago and far away”I will beContinue reading “Prophetic Anointing”

Minimalist Hair

How and why I cut my own hair into this super short pixie minimalist hair style? Might not be what you think…

Developing the Skill of Letting Go

This truth has been rocking my world this week. I didn’t realize the connection between letting go in a simple physical way – like opening my hand – is the same skill as letting go of stuff I don’t use – is the same skill as letting go of what other people think of me…Continue reading “Developing the Skill of Letting Go”