Brenda Mason Part 2

If you are stuck and home and feeling frustrated and have run out of shows to binge watch, here’s a great project to take on! Does your home make you feel overwhelmed? I asked author & speaker Brenda Mason where to begin if you’re going tiny and she suggested starting in the closet – great advice! It’s rewarding to dive in and see such big change happen so quickly, and you’ll love your simpler new…

Amelia Earhart: Tiny On Purpose – Life Purpose

When we have clarity of purpose, it becomes easy to stock our lives to meet that purpose, and then let the rest go. This is a slightly different approach to downsizing or minimalism, but I know it works…

What’s Your Why? with Felice Cohen You may remember Felice’s 90 Sq Ft Manhattan apartment from the video that went viral, but you may not know why she made the sacrifice of living so simply. She had a dream of finishing the book about her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor. Her story challenges us all to think about our “Why?” andContinue reading “What’s Your Why? with Felice Cohen”

Arise and Eat

“Arise and eat.” That’s what God said to Elijah when he (Elijah that is) wanted to die. Then God said it again… “Arise and eat, you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.” Friend, God says it’s time to knock off the starvation diet and eat! You’ve got a long journey ahead of you andContinue reading “Arise and Eat”

Prophetic Anointing

I’ve been following Craig Cooney on social media, his website is and I find his work so encouraging. Long long ago and far far away I walked in a prophetic anointing. It was glorious at times. I have stories that would blow your mind. Like I said… “long ago and far away”I will beContinue reading “Prophetic Anointing”

Minimalist Hair

How and why I cut my own hair into this super short pixie minimalist hair style? Might not be what you think…

Developing the Skill of Letting Go

This truth has been rocking my world this week. I didn’t realize the connection between letting go in a simple physical way – like opening my hand – is the same skill as letting go of stuff I don’t use – is the same skill as letting go of what other people think of me…Continue reading “Developing the Skill of Letting Go”

Would you like a Tour of my Skoolie?

Here I am on the RelaxShacks YouTube Channel giving a tour of our cute transit bus. It’s coming together pretty well I think.