Those who know me know I have been on a journey out of conformity for quite a while, and God continues to call me farther out of this toxic place. Today I’d like to encourage you to take a step out of the boat and move closer to being the person God created you to be among the people God called you to love. Sometimes it’s hard to know who that person is – Gideon heard the Lord address him as “Mighty Warrior” and I imagine him looking around to see who the Lord was actually talking to because he didn’t think those words fit him. However, he would undergo a transformation in his life to become the man God had in mind all along. I believe this is the work of Holy Spirit in our lives – to bring us out of our mindsets that aren’t helpful into a new space of knowing who we are and WHOSE we are. God bless you on your journey out of conformity as we each find out own ways to fall into the arms of Jesus. God bless you and keep you close to His heart that beats not with condemnation – but with love for the world… and for you.

This message brought to you by The Simplicity Mindset.

Making room for what matters most.

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