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Tour the living room/dining room/bedroom/music room of our Smart Sexy Small House above.

Welcome to our Smart Sexy Small Home! We practice a variation on the theme of Minimalism that we call Purposeful Simplicity. We live in a very small house in order to make space in our lives for the things that matter most to us. Xaver and I lived in a tiny house for a 3.5 years, then built a Skoolie (Bus made into an RV) along the way, and we purchased this unloved rental house for our business… but in time we renovated it piece by piece (all except for the bathroom) and now it is home to us and our passion projects and businesses. It’ll probably still continue to change bit by bit as we grow and transform, and that’s exactly what a house should do.

Tour our smart efficient colorful kitchen that COOKS! This is small house kitchen love at it’s best-for-me!

Here are a number of other videos featuring projects we’ve done here on the property, have a look:

I started making a quilt… then we met Coco!
Scored a Silk Persian Rug for the living room! YAY!
I made a small cabinet into a silver chest for flatware and jewelry.
Working on the Textile Studio
Painting sheets to make custom curtains.
Life after the tiny house.
Explore the Textile Studio (located above my Austrian’s Pipe Organ Workshop).
Installing pegboard the easy way.
Textile Studio Tour!

Making the YARN WALL in my office/studio! Still one of my favorite parts of my home!
The DIY Ombre walls in the living room and in my Austrian’s office.
The Gothic Pfeffer Pipe Organ Casework that is now in our living room/music room.
Painting the tall poppies that are in my textile studio.
Installing 3D textured wall panels – I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!

Visit my Smart Sexy Small House YouTube Playlist

for MORE videos about our home and studio.

Yes, there are more! LOL! (Total of about 40 at last count.)

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