In 2021 I created a series of videos around the Nativity. I created this series for myself mostly, because the Christmas story is familiar – almost TOO familiar – and I wanted to dive into the story at a deeper level. What I found in these stories was very encouraging. Christmas on a whole new level. God with us – at it’s best!

I’ve embedded the series here, so you can pick the characters from the nativity that connect most with you. I think my surprise favorite was the shepherds since I uncovered some really interesting details in my research. That one is shown at the top of the page, but really… all of them were my favorites as I encountered their stories again. Isn’t the Lord kind to give us these stories that still speak of the nature of God’s love – even after all these centuries?!

Isaiah foretold the birth of the Messiah 800 years before the birth of Jesus.
Elizabeth is past childbearing years… But God did a miracle for her.
The story of how God visited earth… and never left.
The old priest encounters God in a whole NEW way!
John, the guy who dressed weird, ate weird food and baptized Jesus.
Gabriel had his work cut out for him – sharing The Message with people who were sure they knew how God worked… but wait…
The people God chooses are often different than the people religious culture would choose…
A remarkable challenge for Joseph: How can a man be father to the son of God?
In pain and loss, Anna positioned herself in worship. She touched the face of God.
The book-ends of the life of Jesus: The visiting Magi come looking for the King of the Jews and go straight to Herod. And Herod (a different Herod) creates a sign “King of the Jews” that would hang on the cross above Jesus… These prophetic proclamations echo through history to us.

Jesus asked the question: “Who do you say that I am?” and each of us answer that question in our own way. Listen for the way the Maji encountered Jesus and see how that impacts the questions you ponder.

God bless you this Advent season and all through the year as we continue to seek the infant Messiah, to consider the life and teachings of this man from Nazareth. So many prophets told us He was coming! Heaven bent close to earth and God came down to remind us that we weren’t in this universe by ourselves… and Jesus showed us the character of God. A God who visited earth – and never left.

This message brought to you by The Simplicity Mindset

Making room for what matters most.

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