I’m delighted to share this recipe with you, and I know you will enjoy it if you try it. I made a number of potions at one time, and I have really gone through this one quickly – and my hair is absolutely growing like crazy and is very healthy. So I am really enjoying this potion a lot! It’s a personal favorite, that’s for sure!

And just in case you missed it… here is my video on the Basics of Clean Hair… if you’ve been wondering about the debate out there about soap vs detergent, this will help. That’s an interesting debate that you may see in internet comment sections all the time, so I thought you might find it helpful to hear some common sense middle-of-the-road conversation on that topic.

Edited Transcript & Recipe Follows:

We’re going to do a hair potion today. I am using a four ounce aluminum spray bottle. I know the spray mist on these are really nice and fine. So that’s where I’m going to start.

I’m starting out with one ounce of Rosewater. Rosewater is made with rose petals and it is a really great place to start for this potion. I love using this in formulas and potions, it’s so lovely. You get the aromatherapy of the rose without the price tag of using rose essential oil.

Then we’re going to add one teaspoon of vodka. If you have seen me do any of these recipes before, you know my vodka has vanilla beans in it. Check out my video on making vanilla extract for more details on that. It’s so easy, but in a blend like this, it adds so much! The vodka doesn’t come like this from the store, it’s just plain when I purchase it. That’s just how mine looks, okay? One teaspoon of vanilla extract or vodka.

Next I’m adding three drops of lime essential oil. I’ve already got the rosewater in there, I’ll add the essential oils, and then add the rest of the water on top. I will be careful because I don’t want to overflow it and lose any of these amazing oils over the side.

Now this is Neroli essential oil. This is a luxury oil and opening it … oh my goodness, the smell is amazing! This has a smell of bitter orange, very complex, very sophisticated. Carefully now, three drops. And in case of an oil like the Neroli where it’s an especially valuable one, this is a really great way to make that investment go a lot further because there are only three drops in this recipe – but it totally holds it’s own in the recipe. And this is a great way to make a little go a very long way. It is difficult to open a bottle and take less than a drop. And so when you are putting it together with a few really wonderful things in a spray bottle, it allows you to make that very special essential oil go a lot further, which I think is fantastic.

All right, Rosemary essential oil, five drops. That one comes out fast, which is great.

Next with opening a bottle of Geranium, naturally a very, very floral smell to this one. We’re going for three drops of Geranium essential oil. On these little essential oil bottles, you’ve got to get the two holes to line up. There’s a hole in the very center of the plastic reducer cap, and then there’s a hole in side of the ring. And when those two line up, then the oil can come out.

We’re gonna finish up this blend with Cedarwood essential oil, I’m looking for six drops. That one took it’s time, but if you’re patient you can coax the more bashful oils to come out just fine.

I haven’t really told you what this various oils do, but rosemary and cedar wood are both really good for hair growth. Lime is a cleansing oil for the hair. Geranium will balance the scalp’s production of oil. Neroli is great for sensitive skin and a remarkable aromatherapy oil that works to support emotional balance and healthy skin.

All right, so we are going to add three ounces of distilled water. Pour carefully here, you don’t want to accidentally overflow the bottle and lose those precious oils!

If you are doing any heat processing of your hair, using a hairdryer or flat iron… use this first. If you are going to use some kind of torture device for your hair, use a little bit of this first. It smells amazing and it’s really good for your hair.

Also: here is a little cheat for you. Put the recipe on the bottom of the sprayer so that you will remember it the next time you’re ready to make more. Just write it on there with a sharpie.

So that is a little hair potion that feels good and promotes hair growth and happy, healthy hair, and come on, let’s face it. It just smells amazing!

Thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate it!

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