Here is a DIY hairspray that actually provides some hold. It won’t give you prom-queen hair, but it works nicely for me. If you want more hold, I have a pomade recipe coming your way soon. And with this spray, you can still run your fingers through your hair without feeling that plasticy stuck up feeling. It’s pretty remarkable. It is completely natural, non-toxic, cruelty free, zero waste, and super easy to make! I use this when I’m headed somewhere and want to look a little extra put together.

I really love that this recipe is about as zero waste as it gets. The organic orange and lemon come with only the little stickers on them. I purchase the vodka in a large recyclable glass bottle. The essential oil comes in a small recyclable glass bottle. It’s only the distilled water that comes in plastic, and if you have a Berkey water filtration system, then you don’t need that. I love it! I’m not zero waste, but I am working my way in that direction. Every improvement we make, even small ones, is good for the planet!

DIY Zero Waste Hair Spray

Find the 4 oz aluminum spray bottles here.

Follow the directions in the video to make the hairspray.

Your grocery store will have distilled water. You can substitute tap water if you like, especially since this recipe is boiled to reduce and concentrate the recipe.

Find out how to make your own flavored vodka, or vanilla extract.

And here’s where you find that rather spectacular Joy essential oil blend.

Style as usual. SHAKE and then SPRAY on hair.

Young Living is a membership company, so if you don’t have a membership and would like to be able to purchase the Joy essential oil blend, then either of these two videos will help:

I look forward to hearing what you think of this zero waste, non toxic, cruelty free hair spray that is super easy to make! For more recipes and reviews and other helpful information on simplifying your personal care routines, sign up for my email list so that you don’t miss a thing!

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Oh, I almost forgot to mention this…


And here is my VERY FAVORITE leave in hair treatment. It’s also super easy to make – but it’s absolutely lovely!


This pomade recipe will be released on Saturday, but if you use this link you can enjoy it now.

As always, thanks for listening, I really appreciate it!

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