Session One

Welcome to Session One of my brand new series that will help you simplify self care! I’m calling it “Simply Vibrant: Elegant Non-Toxic Personal Care Routines”. In this series I talk about hair, skin, hands, face, makeup, and radical self acceptance… (And we’re starting with HAIR) because it doesn’t matter what you do to the body if you still look in the mirror and hate your reflection. Plus, I share some of my favorite DIY recipes and share product reviews in order to help you find the products that are right for you. I’ve been working on this series for quite a while, and I just realized today that it’s going to take 12 WEEKS to release all the content I have planned – and the list includes over 72 videos! Stick around, it’s going to be EPIC!

I’ll also release this video this week, so I thought I’d put it here as an extra bonus. ❤ I don’t find it fun to make videos about toxins, but it’s important information. I think we are all ready for companies to do better by us, and I’m ready to vote with my dollars that they do!


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After this series is a little series I am calling “Mennonite Clean” and it’s all about how to care for our homes. It’s very similar to this series that is all about simple self care – except that it’s focused on the home rather than the body. Then I’ve got another new series planned that I’m calling “Women of the Cloth” which is all about an empowering spirituality. I love simplicity, self care, and empowering spirituality and I look forward to sharing this content with you! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these topics!

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