The Small House…

Jay Shafer is known as the father of the modern American tiny house movement. It all started with a building project… which lead to a book… which led to being on Oprah… and the rest is history.

I’ve been delighted to hear Jay speak and to have hung out with him a few times. I don’t get excited about meeting celebrities, but I did get excited about meeting him.

I came back to this book today to remind myself of the roots of the Tiny House Movement and to see what I’d find here that I had forgotten – that I needed to be reminded of.

We’ve come a long way in the movement away from the beautiful and tiny first homes… now they are many times bigger and they’ve gone very mainstream.

Basically, everything big that could happen to a tiny house – has – which is an exercise in missing the point.

This book will reminds me why I got involved to begin with: Simplicity.

Simplicity is everything.

Quality over quantity.

Meeting needs beautifully.

It all still comes back to beautiful simplicity!

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