Carmen Shenk – reminding you that we can overcome our excuses and blame and grow into more responsible people.

I’ve been thinking about BLAME and MAKING EXCUSES after reading “The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future” by Skip Prichard… and man, I have made a TON of excuses… especially as I encountered unfaithful gate keepers in my life. (Or maybe they were there to guide me into a path I didn’t even know existed?)

However, when I took responsibility for myself… then I also found my way forward AROUND/OVER/UNDER the barriers that had been put in my way. The Church is so much bigger than one congregation, or even one denomination. We need to stop looking to the church (little c church = congregations and denominations) for open doors and opportunities when God is calling us well beyond that small playground to the vast Church (Big C Church Universal) beyond the walls!

God bless each of us as we take back our responsibility and determine to follow the homeless man from Nazareth no matter where he leads – the church or the Church! We CAN follow God, we CAN live our calling – no matter what barriers we have seen and experienced in the past!

Sending so much love your way! God bless you on your journey!

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