Screenshot (45)Deek Diedricksen of dropped by for a tour of our Skoolie and here’s what happened: See the Video and leave a comment! ❤

So what’s it like to have someone tour your home and post a video online about it that gets 2K views overnight?  It’s cool.  I’m pleased.  I read the comments and it’s like there is a pocket of nice people making comments on the interwebs – and all of them are right there at the same place at the same time.  How cool is that?!

I really enjoy the tiny house community because it’s a place of creativity and ingenuity.  And if you love Le Corbusier from the 1920’s Bauhaus like I do… then you make a version of the iconic Le Corbusier sofa for your Skoolie.  If you are a rock-n-roll guy, then hang your guitars on your wall and put your drum kit in the living room instead of a sofa.  If you love your old upright piano, then make it into a Murphy bed and put a keyboard where the keys of the piano used to be.  (BTW – I’ve seen all of these and they are pretty spectacular!)  Do your thing!  And in this community, that’s not only accepted – it’s celebrated.  Is it any wonder I love tiny house people!?

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