LOOK WHAT THE MAIL MAN BROUGHT!!!  (I’m excited, can you tell?)
My new favorite Tiny House book!

I “met” Susan Schaefer Bernardo through the Facebook group “Tiny House People”, recommended by Macy Miller, and through NaNoWriMo, and then I discovered her children’s books and they are spectacular!  If you’ve got kids, you are going to need every single one!  This dynamic duo of Ms Bernardo and illustrator Courtenay Fletcher is fantastic.  Seriously, I’m not a buyer of children’s books because I don’t have children, but I have fallen head over toes for this one.

“On the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

I was excited about this book specifically because of the connection to the tiny house community, and it was so cool that I got to see video of how the book was made right here in the USA.  I pre-ordered my copy through the Indie Bookseller Once Upon a Time and it even arrived gift wrapped which I think is totally above and beyond!  Isn’t it great to find retailers who actually *care* these days?  I love that detail!

Back Cover – See?  I told you the artwork is just so stinkin cute!

I’ve read the book and the text and images are so full of personality and insight, the illustrations are ridiculously charming.  Manfriend and I have also met “Missy Mansion” (or is it McMansion?) and “Shiney”.  I had the Airstream bug long before I knew about tiny houses, so it’s cool to see one of those iconic “land yachts” turn up in this story.  I often tell my  that “Home” is wherever he is, and I won’t give away the ending but I think kids and big kids everywhere will resonate with the truth of it.  You’re going to want this one.  I just know it.  For that matter, you’re going to want each book these two dynamic women have created!  So go on then… run along and…

Look at the DAWGINS!!!  Is that Macy Miller’s Great Dane?!
Stay Tuned,


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    […] the author Susan Schaefer Bernardo also wrote another favorite book, The Big Adventures of Tiny House.  BTW, if you have children, you’re going to want a copy of everything Susan Schaefer […]


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