Vinnie is a shuttle bus retired from Monticello where she ran the loop from the parking lot up the hill to the big house.

  • 2002 Ford E450 Super Duty
  • 73 Liter Diesel
  • Powerstroke V8
  • Automatic with overdrive
  • Michelin Tires, Defender LTX mud and snow – 3 years old but still great.
  • Inspection good until May 2020
  • AC serviced in May 2019
  • Less than 150K miles
  • No fluid leaks


  • 24 feet from bumper to bumper
  • 9 feet 6 inches tall


  • 6 feet 8 inches tall inside – perfect for my 6 ft tall husband who didn’t like school buses because of the low roof.
  • 8 x 16 feet of interior living space.



The DMV in our area hadn’t done one of these before, so they didn’t know how to be helpful up front.  They gave us a form to fill out and send in to Richmond.  Two months later they sent it back and let us know it was the wrong form.  Thankfully, they did include the right form and instructions.  It took us a while to put together the detailed information and send it back, and it took another several months.  Then an officer came out and looked it over pretty closely and signed off on it.  It’s now official, it’s no longer a bus and is now a RV.

  • This process was VERY complicated and took MONTHS.
  • Now can be legally driven without a CDL.
  • The bus is no longer legally a bus, but a “RV” and says so right on the title.
  • It will not be available for sale to someone who wants it for a bus – it took soo much time and money to get that designation so it seems silly to sell it to someone who wants to turn it back into a bus.
  • The insurance is now MUCH cheaper now that it’s an RV.
  • Insured through State Farm.
  • The driver’s seat is the only original seat left.


  • 30 Amp, 120 Volt inside service for external hook up anywhere.
  • Wired with an interior outlet strip along the interior of the bus – an outlet every 6-8 inches or so – on both sides.
  • Custom interior LED light strip with remote for multicolor fun.


Priced unfurnished, just the bus, electrical, lighting and RV title: $9,500.

Furnished bus available for the right price.

Here’s a tour of the bus interior from about a year ago.  (The kitchen is different now.)



  • Two Le Corbusier Style Sofas in white vinyl and copper pipe.
  • Vinyl is special non-toxic kind that doesn’t off-gas a bunch of toxic stuff.
  • The cushions are high quality firm foam that also is the non-toxic stuff so that it isn’t off-gassing a bunch of bad stuff.  It cost a good bit more, but it’s better safe than sorry.
  • The two sofas go together to become a queen sized bed.


  • Two shelves/room dividers – hand made joinery by master craftsmen and made with curly maple.
  • Bathroom vanity is a cherry buffet that has been painted – but could be stripped back to the solid cherry antique if desired.


  • Beautiful antique chair made into “throne” with a white japanese marble top and luggable lou composting toilet installed.
  • Copper toilet paper holder on the back of the maple shelves.
  • Curtains on the window beside and behind for privacy.


  • This shows the custom sofas, but the kitchen stone countertop wasn’t in place when the above photo was taken.
  • White Japanese stone counter tops.
  • Antique cabinet painted rich blue, but would be possible to refinish it back to the wood if desired.
  • Solid brass hardware.
  • Pitcher pump is both faucet and pump – completely off grid and doesn’t require power.
  • Water system is super-simple.
  • Breville Smart Air Oven not shown.
  • Cute little 4.4 ft cubic foot vintage look fridge that also has a little freezer inside.
  • Custom counter top storage that is let in to the stone and allows for storing a few things close at hand, and still safe for travel.
  • Counter top is hinged to flip forward and allow access to the water system behind the cabinet.
  • Water system fill is beside driver’s seat.
  • Curtain for privacy at the front of the bus, along with some sheers to hopefully keep out bugs.


Furnished bus available for the right price.

Contact me with questions


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