Jill Kanto

Jill was a newly divorced single mom of two who was falling through the cracks, and her health was failing. Resourceful, she borrowed money from family and built a DIY tiny house on wheels and found a back yard intentional community. Then Jill founded a not-for-profit website with a detailed Village Finder to help people address that central tiny house question: “Where do I park my home?”…

What can 7 Tiny House People Teach us About Life?

Seven of us got together and wrote a book. Now, you wouldn’t think that seven people could write a book together and have it be cohesive and… well… anything but chaotic. And that would be true if it were any other seven people. We’re very different from each other, and the reasons we went tinyContinue reading “What can 7 Tiny House People Teach us About Life?”