Two Prophetic Dreams: October 7th, 2021

God has just released a huge amount of small nimble ministries into the earth with the purpose of loving people with unconditional love and it’s going to change the environment of the places we live! Less chaos, thoughtless reacting, and political infighting! Be a helicopter person instead!

God is Releasing us into the HIGHER Ministry of Unconditional GRACE LOVE & Authority!

Have a higher perspective based in God’s grace and authority rather than reacting from a place of earthly chaos. Bring the attributes of a good dog back into church – loving people unconditionally no matter how they look (or smell)! May the Lord bless you as He sends you into your community to seek out people in need of love and rescue! God will send you places big ministries simply can’t go. You’ll reach people your church can’t reach. God’s using you to share grace, authority, and unconditional love!