My essential oil journey began some 15 years ago when I started making hand made soup as a business.  I quickly grew my collection of essential oils while creating soaps, soaks, and potions to sell.  I loved the combination of color, texture, skin pampering ingredients, and scents.  And making soap is a lot of fun!

Years later I was living in a tiny house and discovered a mold problem in my home, but bleach makes my skin freak out.  So I explored using essential oils and Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of that nasty little mold problem – and it worked!  Over and over again I found ways that essential oils worked for me, and that was great news!

everly wellI have a rare auto-immune skin condition and in the process of extensive and expensive medical testing, I finally had a list of food sensitivities.  That’s when things started to turn around.  Plus, I already knew that common household cleaners, personal care products (basically anything scented) could send my skin (and me!!) right over the edge.  After a complete fast of everything but the very simplest products, I began to very carefully introduce the gentlest essential oils back into my life, usually in extremely diluted forms.  I eventually developed non-toxic and sensitive skin friendly ways to take care of myself and my home.  Photo Aug 26, 5 21 41 PMI know there were other people out there who could benefit from what I learned the hard way so I am working on two classes, “Simply Vibrant: Elegant Non-Toxic Personal Care Routines and Radical Self Acceptance” and the second class is focused on home care routines and is called “Mennonite Clean’.

Photo Aug 26, 5 23 50 PMIn the process of researching purity claims in order to reduce the chances of another skin flare up, I discovered Young Living.  Their seed-to-seal program and commitment to excellence appealed to me then, and still does.

Secondly, I learned that if I signed up for the Essential Rewards program, that I would get freebies in the box, plus I would earn points for every product I purchased… and I could redeem those points for free products.  That’s when the Young Living membership and Essential Rewards program really started to make sense to me and I’ve been a member ever since.Photo Aug 26, 6 23 29 PM

If you are considering a Young Living wholesale membership (Think Sam’s Club – but it’s all online, and there is no annual fee!) then let’s talk.  Everyone on my team is a personal friend, not a client.  Plus, in a time when customer service is quickly becoming a thing of the past, the Young Living community is actually here to help you find the products that are right for you and pass along money-saving tips.

Photo Aug 26, 6 27 50 PMGary Young (the entrepreneur behind the Young Living brand) used these three words to describe the Young Living mission: wellness, purpose, and abundance.  These three words resonate with me.  I’m also all about simplicity – and simplicity is what the Young Living brand gives me.  Because the product line is completely non-toxic and broad, I don’t have to make special trips around town to pick up this or that.  Whenever I get close to running out of something, I take a minute and simply add that item to my monthly order.  Before long it’s there on my front porch.  What could be simpler?!  I love that.

In short, Young Living has helped me deal with a stressful skin condition, and detox my life, and simplify my environment and routines.  These products have helped me improve my own life, and lives around me.  That’s golden as far as I’m concerned.

You deserve to be well.

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