Sample Interview Questions

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  • In 60 seconds, what is Kitchen Simplicity?
  • I noticed that this book is categorized as “motivational” “Mennonite” and also “Small Homes and Cabins” which is a Home Improvement category – and that’s a pretty interesting combination and it leaves me wondering. Where would you find this book if it were in the library?

    Vinnie 3
    Our Skoolie
  • The TV shows about tiny houses are huge. People are flocking to tiny house festivals to walk through tiny houses, skoolies, box trucks, yurts, Airstreams, etc… Why do you think so many people are interested in going tiny? What’s the appeal?
  • You and your husband and dog moved into your first tiny home in the fall of 2014, what was your home like and where did you park it?
  • I believe you’re working on a Skoolie now. (A skoolie is a bus that is converted into a home.) Why did you choose to do a skoolie rather than a tiny house this time?
  • What was the hardest part about going tiny for you? What part did you find most challenging?

    Kitchen Gear List
    The “Super-Simple Kitchen Gear List”
  • I looked over your “Super Simple Kitchen Gear List” and noticed that the only appliance you kept was a blender. What about a coffee maker, toaster, microwave? Is the blender really the only small appliance in your kitchen?
  • You’ve lived tiny for more or less four years – what do you notice when you go into a normal house?
  • What are the differences in the way a big house feels to live in vs a tiny house?
  • It sounds like going tiny was a positive experience for you. Do you think everyone should go tiny?
  • What is a food you love to make that you make differently now that you live in a tiny house?

Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017The cover shows a tiny house made of fruits and vegetables, is there a story there?

  • You talk about purposeful simplicity in the book and in the last chapter you mention Materialism. What do you think of materialism?
  • I see that you mention your Mennonite heritage in the book and you quote a sermon by a Mennonite pastor in the final chapter. How does being Mennonite inform who you are and your choice to live in a smaller-than-usual home?
  • What is your favorite kitchen tool and why?
  • Would you read a passage from the book?
  • What did you have for breakfast this morning?

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