Kitchen Simplicity is the first book in the Tiny House Foodie Series.

Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017Kitchen Simplicity is a book on navigating the transition to life in a tiny haven-home, especially the kitchen. Kitchen Simplicity is not a cookbook.  It is, rather, a philosophy of purposeful simplicity that makes living tiny a joy.

Shenk outlines the Super Simple Kitchen Gear List.  She also shares tips on shopping, food storage, and a green approach to taming trash. Make your home a sacred space and enjoy the generosity and gratitude that can come with tiny living.  Finally, share the intimate hospitality of tiny house life with friends and family, building connections, and empowering people.

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Also Forthcoming:

Book II: Mennonite Clean: The Pure & Simple Home

I joked to a friend that I can get up in the morning in my tiny home and have my tiny house “Clean” by 10 am, “Clean-Clean” by noon, and “Mennonite Clean” by 3 pm.  Of course “Mennonite Clean” stuck and became the title of this book.  I share my recipes for simple money-saving household cleaners and concise instructions for making zero-waste products for the home.

Book III: Skin Vibrant: Recipes for Skin and Self Care

Skin care recipes that can all be made in a tiny haven-home and focus on skin and self care.  Plus a collection of my favorite smoothies (from our restaurant where we served a variety of smoothies and fresh juices) to support healthy skin from the inside out.

Various companion cookbooks are also in the works, so stick around!  Good things are coming your way!Carmen Signature - Copy - Copy (2)