Carmen Shenk is a prophetic voice with spiritual roots in the Anabaptist Mennonite faith tradition. Her empowering message is for those unlearning toxic religious dogma and exploring a relationship with the homeless man from Nazareth.

It’s time to become who you are at your core – a person made in the image of God – NOT culture …not even religious culture! God calls us out of conformity and into the greatest transformation: Falling in step with Heaven.

New Year… Building on the Foundation of Previous Years

2022 begins with a return to cleaning out our homes and tamping out chaos wherever it exists. But decluttering and downsizing efforts don’t last unless they are rooted in the mindset of purposeful simplicity, and that’s where I can help! Learn more here.

The Nativity: The People, Places and Prophecies of the Birth of Jesus

The Magi followed the star to the King of the Jews – but wait… Herod is old & sneaky. The other King is an innocent infant looking super cute in his swaddling clothes. Only one is King. Now which one is it? Those wise guys figured it out!
Bright angels GLOWED all over priestly shepherds about the infant Shepherd-King Messiah, the Passover Lamb, and once all the tinsel and glitter was swept up… The shepherds RAN to meet their Shepherd King…
Elizabeth bore the disgrace of not having children, Mary bore the disgrace of having a child before she was married – yet these were the women GOD picked for this Salvation Story. These are the ones God chooses! Including you. Yes, including YOU.
Gabriel is sent by God with a message and gets various responses.
When you’ve prayed that same prayer thousands of times… Zechariah is your friend in the Nativity
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Today’s story is about the Prophetess Anna who came to the temple in pain, positioned herself in worship, and God met her there. She touched The Face of God in the tiny little baby Jesus. Then she started sharing the good news!
The simple carpenter who raised a King… Joseph’s Song by Michael Card challenges me to remember that we all walk with the amazing potential of this generation…
Reprise: These story of Isaiah, Zechariah, Elizabeth & John the Baptist show who God was for them… and us.
If you’ve been bitten by the snake of religion, John the Baptist is your friend in the Nativity story.
If you’ve been unkindly labeled, Elizabeth is your friend in the Nativity story.
If you’ve been waiting for this move of God for a long time, Isaiah is your friend in the Nativity story.

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