Food Sensitivity Testing

In the fall of 2018:

  • I had a skin condition the dermatologist could diagnose and medicate, but there was no known cause or cure.
  • I had a long standing problem with my digestive system, nausea, diarrhea, etc… a problem that no doctor had been able to help me with, even with extensive testing over the course of a number of years.
  • I had stubborn belly fat that I could not budge no matter what I did. The doc told me to stop eating a candy bar after each meal (even though I didn’t actually eat a candy bar after each meal).
  • I was diagnosed with arthritis in my 30’s and I would wake up tired and had to force my weary body to move in the morning.
Before and after I got tested for food sensitivities and started avoiding those foods. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

I asked my doctor for food sensitivity testing and he dismissed the idea saying it was expensive, so I didn’t push it. That was a mistake.

The test to discover that I had pemphigus foliaceus was nearly $1,000, so that’s what I assumed an “expensive test” was. I was wrong.

I repeatedly tried elimination diets. One time we were invited to dinner at a friend’s home, and they served food I knew didn’t agree with me, but I ate it to be polite. And then I had to start all over again with my elimination diet. Thing is… some of the approach I took turned out to be the wrong approach, but I didn’t know. I was trying to avoid dairy, not knowing that I was more allergic to almonds than dairy – that almond milk had to GO! A family member actually asked me: “So what aren’t you eating this time?!” I realized I had not been successful at figuring it out on my own.

I was reading a blog of a friend who had taken a food sensitivity blood test online and avoiding those foods made a real difference for him, so I visited to have a look. Then I made the purchase in November, 2018 using his link, and that way I got 20% off the price of the test.

5 Things I Gained From Getting Tested:

Getting started

If you want more information, here is the long version of how I got started.

21 Minute Video

  • When my health care providers couldn’t help me, I learned that I need to be intentional about my health. It’s nobody’s job but mine.
  • 4:41 I was following a guy who took the food sensitivity test and some little pesky stuff cleared up for him – and I took note of that because I was dealing with some pesky stuff as well!
  • 6:49 At his recommendation, I checked out and found that they have a food sensitivity test.
  • 7:40 What it’s like to take the test. Yes, it’s an at-home blood test. Hilarious!
  • 9:44 I put off taking the test because I was afraid it would hurt, or that I couldn’t do it. (Hint: it did hurt – but it was not nearly as annoying as the health concerns I’d been dealing with!!!)
  • 10:55 I got the results back and started to read… the results were surprising!
  • 13:30 Cleaning out my kitchen.
  • 13:40 1 week later I no longer needed to take Benaydryl daily.
  • 14:40 My top allergens include…
  • 15:08 This has changed my life, I haven’t needed a Prednisone prescription since I stopped eating the foods on my list, and that’s huge! I hate that stuff!
  • 15:28 If you use my link, you’ll get 20% off. There are two tests – one is $159 and the second test is $259 and includes DNA sequencing. I used the cheaper one and found it very helpful!
  • 16:52 I discovered that if I have a food intolerance to something – like almonds – that I can’t have it on my skin either. I used to use sweet almond oil, but it makes my skin go nuts. (See what i did there?) So if you’re avoiding foods on your list, make sure that you are also avoiding those same ingredients on your skin.
  • 17:47 It is your health we are talking about, and you deserve to be well.
  • 18:45 has a very interesting selection of medical testing available.
  • 19:30 Taking care of ourselves is part of living an intentional life, and you matter!

After a year:

And here is the long version of the changes I saw at the one year mark:

33 Minute Video

  • I’ve lost about 30 pounds without trying.
  • 1:45 Making adaptations because of my list.
  • 3:31 I expected to feel a sense of deprivation as I stopped eating those foods, but that hasn’t been the case overall because of what I have gained.
  • 6:01 My skin improved dramatically right away, enough that I could go off daily doses of Benadryl. The skin condition is not 100% gone, but dramatically improved.
  • 7:39 I never feel deprived at home, I have great alternatives.
  • 9:09 Going to my first wedding after finding out my food sensitivities…
  • 10:59 We have some work to do helping people understand that food intolerance isn’t someone just being high maintenance, though of course there are those.
  • 12:07 Talking with a chef about food intolerances.
  • 12:55 As a retired restaurant owner myself, I offer some helpful information…
  • 15:37 Here are some tips on how to approach eating out.
  • 16:22 How about the spouse of the person with the food intolerance…
  • 18:20 The hardest restaurant for me to visit is our Indian restaurant where I can’t tell what is in the food.
  • 19:44 I have lost 30 pounds and my weight has found a new and very stable plateau.
  • 19:54 I have more energy.
  • 19:58 I have no digestive problems now.
  • 20:19 At the time I took the test, there was some stuff in the news that questioned the validity of these tests. However, in my experience it worked wonders!
  • 23:50 The responsibility for finding something on a menu that I want to eat is still mine, don’t put it on the server or chef.
  • 24:25 Going out to eat with friends, dealing with deprivation, going prepared.
  • 27:58 Mindset is everything!
  • 28:50 Taking a moment to pray for you for healing.

If you have unexplained pesky little health issues, then I think you should consider taking this test.

This offer is for you if you have been struggling with:

  • fatigue or feeling tired <—that was me!
  • feeling bloated after eating
  • gastrointestinal distress <— YES!
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • stomach pain
  • indigestion <— also me!
  • skin conditions <—- ESPECIALLY this one!

This is not for you if:

  • you don’t want to save money with at home medical testing.
  • you are the picture of health, and never feel poorly after eating.
  • you would rather take medication than change your habits, even if you discover that you do have a food sensitivity.
  • you love the size you are.


I was shocked when I saw this photo of myself with my brother at his son’s wedding. And check out the size of my arm in the publicity photo above. I wasn’t that big, but I didn’t feel good.


I’ve been to my favorite thrift stores to find clothing that fits the new me, and now clothing shopping is actually FUN!
That’s me… Carmen with a Karmann Ghia! I didn’t buy the car, but I did enjoy having my photo taken with it!

I am so happy to find my trim body again! I actually feel good now! I’m so blessed by the transformation in my life that I keep an eye out for people that might be struggling with the same thing I was.

If that’s you, then please…

The test is $159, and with this 20% discount, it’s only $127.20. Learn more…

From my heart, I believe that you deserve to be well. This will help.

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