A workshop showing how I use the Super Simple Kitchen Gear List (PDF included) to chose the kitchen equipment for my new 128 sq ft Skoolie home with the confidence that I will have everything I need to cook great food in my small space.  15 minute video workshop:  $7.  Read more…



Blue LogoAn in-depth course covering the practical steps to downsizing your kitchen to a micro space without sacrificing flavor or contentment.  This video course is based on my own transition from cooking in a 3,000 sq ft restaurant kitchen to learning how to cook all over again in a tiny home of 125 sq ft.  A transition that drastic is a difficult one and I learned some lessons the hard way.  That’s why I created this class in order to give you the confidence to downsize without fear of losing something you really need or keeping the wrong things.  24 in-depth video sessions, suggested reading, and private Facebook group, $47.  Read more… ©2023 Carmen Shenk LLC, All Rights Reserved

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