Joan of Arc

Today’s conversation about Joan of Arc will remind us that it’s always been this way. We’ve always been called upon to have faith in an environment of fear, and so this episode calls us up higher to a place of faith, hope, and mission…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today we’ll be talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is a Supreme Court Justice and has been an advocate for women all her life. She’s been fierce and faithful, and even when gravely ill – she showed up to decide the important cases of life in this country…

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was a trailblazing artist who challenges us to look beyond what is expected to what is authentic and unique to us. We continue our discussion of purpose with inspiration from her life…

Amelia Earhart: Tiny On Purpose – Life Purpose

When we have clarity of purpose, it becomes easy to stock our lives to meet that purpose, and then let the rest go. This is a slightly different approach to downsizing or minimalism, but I know it works…

The ‘Silent Women’ Verses

Hi everybody. Welcome to Faith Friday. (What follows is a modified transcript of the video above.) I think there’s a big difference between the institution of religion, and the community of faith, and naturally, I would love to invite you to the community.  Religion is absolutely useless to me and definitely useless to you too.Continue reading “The ‘Silent Women’ Verses”

Arise and Eat

“Arise and eat.” That’s what God said to Elijah when he (Elijah that is) wanted to die. Then God said it again… “Arise and eat, you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.” Friend, God says it’s time to knock off the starvation diet and eat! You’ve got a long journey ahead of you andContinue reading “Arise and Eat”

Prophetic Anointing

I’ve been following Craig Cooney on social media, his website is and I find his work so encouraging. Long long ago and far far away I walked in a prophetic anointing. It was glorious at times. I have stories that would blow your mind. Like I said… “long ago and far away”I will beContinue reading “Prophetic Anointing”

The Fine Art of Contentment

Welcome back to Faith Friday again! I want to share a message with you that I shared at the Outer Banks Tiny House Festival last weekend. I want to talk to you about a lie I’ve been telling myself.  That lie is if you work hard, you will achieve success and then you’ll get contentment.Continue reading “The Fine Art of Contentment”