Curiosity Camille Sweeny studied a whole long list of fascinating people and discovered that one thing they all have in common is a tenacious and focused learning journey of creativity in their field of interest. That struck me... we really can create a learning journey for ourselves! Jay Shetty talks about the 100 hour rule.... Continue Reading →

Coffee with the Proverbs 31 Woman

I took a class called Money, Faith & Business over the last 11 days with Jennifer Allwood and guests, and it was amazing. Today I'll be sharing some of the highlights of that class for me in terms of the Proverbs 31 woman and the power of generosity...


In 2021 I created a series of videos around the Nativity. I created this series for myself mostly, because the Christmas story is familiar - almost TOO familiar - and I wanted to dive into the story at a deeper level. What I found in these stories was very encouraging. Christmas on a whole new level. God with us - at it's best!

Falling in Step with Heaven

Those who know me know I have been on a journey out of conformity for quite a while, and God continues to call me farther out of this toxic place. Today I'd like to encourage you to take a step out of the boat and move closer to being the person God created you to be among the people God called you to love. Sometimes it's hard to know who that person is - Gideon heard the Lord address him as "Mighty Warrior" and I imagine him...

House Tour Tour the living room/dining room/bedroom/music room of our Smart Sexy Small House above. Welcome to our Smart Sexy Small Home! We practice a variation on the theme of Minimalism that we call Purposeful Simplicity. We live in a very small house in order to make space in our lives for the things that matter... Continue Reading →

Waiting on the Lord

I'm waiting on the Lord... knowing that God sees what's right around the corner (and I don't) but I will continue to worship while I wait because good things are coming...

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