Camille Sweeny studied a whole long list of fascinating people and discovered that one thing they all have in common is a tenacious and focused learning journey of creativity in their field of interest. That struck me… we really can create a learning journey for ourselves!

Jay Shetty talks about the 100 hour rule. If you could explore anything you wanted for 100 hours… what would you learn? How would it improve your life to have a focused discipline of creative exploration?

Jeff Brown in his book “Read to Lead” says that if you read only 10 books in one field of interest, you’ll know more than 97% of Americans on that topic. I was floored by how easy it would be to create a fruitful creative exploration with only 10 books.

Steven Kotler teaches that in the intersections of our various curiosities, we can develop interesting and original content.

Years ago I studied Roger Von Oech and his theory of the creative process which talks about (my paraphrase) taking an idea from infancy to adulthood. For these reasons, I have written a list of many things I am curious about and am committed to reporting to you here on what I’m learning. I’m LOVING this!

Your Journal Prompt for today is to write 25 things you are curious about in your journal.

Thanks for watching and joining me in my learning journey of curiosity.

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