Mindset: Whatever the church teaches MUST be right… RIGHT? During the Reformation there were no devotions around the table with the Bible open, people depended on the priest. We know that didn’t go well then… and 500 years later we have a very different problem. There are thousands of voices telling us what the Text ACTUALLY says… the Pharisees are telling us the letter of the law, others are talking about Grace and everything in between. Some are only preaching party line politics these days. If we only ever listen to preachers and don’t interact with the text or the Word (Jesus) ourselves… then we are easily lead to a destination we won’t like when we get there. (I mean… look around!)

Mindset shift: We are all called to be stewards of our faith. Pay attention to what you’re hearing and compare it to the text (Bible) and the Word – who is Jesus.

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