I‘m taking an intensive class and hoping that I’m learning all I can, letting go of the fluff and grabbing hold of the nuggets here and there. It’s really VERY exciting, I’m totally loving it (though I admit that it’s somewhat tiring).

Tomorrow the crew will be here with the cement truck filling in my new pad for washing and dying handmade wool rugs… and the floor of the metal working workshop my husband is building. We’ve been waiting for this for a while, and tomorrow it’s going to happen.

I think faith is similar. We know something is coming – and it might be tomorrow – or it might be days/weeks/months from now, but something we’ve been hoping and praying for is CLOSE to us. We can’t see it but GOD CAN. So whatever you are waiting on God for today, lean in to worship. Lean in to expectation. We don’t know the times or the seasons but God does! Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! God’s got this!

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