Carmen Shenk with the book “Read to Lead” by Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski.

I’ve just read “Read to Lead: The Simple Habit that Expands Your Influence and Boosts your Career” by Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski and I found it helpful because it:
A) Presented a compelling case for WHY READ.
B) Helped me lay to rest some useless excuses and mindsets. WIN!
C) Empowered me with great recommendations on how to read and how to retain the information that I gain from reading.
D) Helped me understand that with only 10 books on a topic I love, I can gain the understanding I seek. And 10 books sounds “doable” to me.

Have you also been struggling to become the person you want to be? (Please tell me I’m not the only one!) What 10 books will you be reading next? Might I suggest that “Read to Lead” would be great at the top of your list?

Get your own copy of Read to Lead on Amazon:

And as always, thanks for listening, I really appreciate it!

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