Authentic Simplicity

Carmen Shenk

Today I’m talking about various aspects of Simplicity that I’ve found surprising and helpful over the last few years. This video ends with the challenge to think about what you can do to focus on what you actually need, and how you can meet those needs with less. Letting go and downsizing isn’t a fun process to consider, but it does have a way of setting us free.

And with so many people in financial crisis right now, it’s important that we really take the time to consider our lives in very proactive and practical terms. We can make short term sacrifices to make it more possible to meet long term goals. We really can. And let’s not forget that we are in this together! Sending all my love to you as you consider ways to simplify your life!

This video is longer than my usual podcast videos, but since we’re all stuck at home, I hope you don’t mind the extra ten minutes in this conversation. I do try to keep these to 20-26 minutes as a rule.

Watch the entire video here:

Or listen to the podcast here:

022 Authentic Simplicity

A decade ago I would have defined simplicity as having an orderly organized home and life, but that’s not how I view it today.  Now I see it as a path to freedom.

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