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Brenda Mason’s great new book: “The 31-day Guide to Creating Your Clutter Free Home Oasis”

Brenda Mason moved from her 3100 sq ft home in Utah to her 310 sq ft tiny house in Virginia, and she did her dramatic downsizing (including an estate sale) all in 31 days! Can you imagine? Find Brenda at and check out her “Downsizing in 31 days” class where she will show you how. If you’ve been looking for a systematic approach that will help you simply Get. It. Done… Brenda’s class and her supportive Facebook community will help you do exactly that!

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018 Downsizing in 31 Days with Brenda Mason Part 1

Brenda Mason of joins me to talk about the things she learned as she downsized her 3100 sq ft home to move across the country to a 310 sq ft tiny house.  She was a collector, and now she enjoys the liberation of living in a tiny house.  What a transformation!

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