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Here’s a video all about my favorite Skoolie kitchen of all time… Mine! =)

First of all, we are a retired restaurant owners, so food is important to us and the space has to work for the way we cook… which it does.

Secondly, we went tiny in the fall of 2014 and learned a lot in our first 3.5 years of living super simply. We even found that there were some ways we didn’t mind going even more simple. This bus kitchen reflects that evolution in us, so it really is super simple.

One of the things I love most about the tiny house community is the DIY (Do it yourself) nature of the homes we build. It’s a personal passion of mine that young women (women of any age, people of any description) not be trapped into toxic abusive relationships because they simply need a place to live. How well I remember my own story at the ending of my first marriage. So it’s very personal and important to me that women know that a home can be made very simply, and any kind of vehicle is an option for a temporary home.

Video about our bus from Deek of
Video from Tiny House Expedition

A kitchen can be made with very simple ingredients, by someone with very rudimentary skills. We went a little crazy in our Skoolie with a recycled stone countertop, but other than that, this is a kitchen that most folks are going to be able to build. And that kind of freedom means people can slip the noose of abuse. And, because I’m an artist and 💯 a visual person – it has to look good! LOL!

I also wanted it to be inexpensive- so using a piece of furniture instead of doing kitchen cabinets was a way to save $250 (and that’s the price of that retro fridge) so those kinds of details really do help the money stretch. And the plumbing for this kitchen is insanely simple. I designed this system on a napkin. It’s so simple and straight forward! I may need to find that napkin and get a picture! LOL!

Oh yeah, and this Skooli is for sale! Feel free to email me with your questions at carmenshenk at gmail dot com. We are in the Shenandoah Valley if Virginia. The bus now has a motorhome title, which means it no longer requires a CDL to drive, and the insurance is much cheaper. The bus is diesel and gets 10 mpg, and is 24 ft from bumper to bumper. We told the mechanic to fix everything that he would fix if it was his, and he went a little crazy, but realized that the bill had gotten out of hand and gave us a real break. So she’s good to go. Price is $9,500 which includes the kitchen, and the floor and electrical system, but we will keep the rest. We made it so that it could be bolted in and then removed for maximum flexibility. If you want it with the le Corbusier sofas and shelves and everything, then the price is $15,900.

We love the creativity of the tiny house movement, and we love everything about Skoolies and the freedom they represent. If you or someone you know is looking for a bus, please pass this information along to them. Thanks! Carmen

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