Georgia O’Keeffe

Today is the second in a four-episode conversation about life purpose.

Today we’ll be talking about Georgia O’Keeffe who was a trailblazing artist, who dared to paint with interpretation, design, and personal expression in a time when painters only painted what they saw. She’s a uniquely American painter, and icon in so many ways, and a hero of mine.

Today’s episode comes with a homework assignment: As you look over the homework from last time, spread these papers before you where you can see the whole picture. Take some time to look over the whole thing from a distance – much like our conversation last time with Amelia Earhart. Then put on your Georgia O’Keeffe glasses and take a close look at some details. Think like an artist and ponder combinations and connect the dots. As you look over the opportunities of your life – the ones you had and the ones you want – ask yourself the question: What do I love the most? As as you do this and look at these opportunities with Georgia O’Keeffe glasses (metaphorically speaking) I believe the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to a sense of who you are in this season. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as you go through this process.

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011 Georgia O’Keeffe: 2/4 Tiny on Purpose

Today we continue the conversation on life purpose with a Georgia O’Keeffe approach.  Join me for some continued introspection as we ask the question: What do you love? 

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