Amelia Earhart: Tiny On Purpose – Life Purpose

When we have clarity of purpose, it becomes very easy to stock our lives to meet that purpose, then let the rest go. This is a slightly different approach to downsizing, but I know it works.

Today we’ll be talking about explorer and trailblazer Amelia Earhart, whose story challenges us to try things! And to explore our own lives just as she explored the earth.

Today’s episode comes with a homework assignment: have some paper and a writing utensil handy and when the episode wraps up, take some time to explore your own story and look for the opportunities of your life. List the jobs you’ve had, jobs you would like to have, include volunteer jobs, and any sort of project that you have done or would love to do. Write it ALLL down, don’t miss anything. Then save that until our next conversation on Friday when I’ll be back to talk about Georgia O’Keeffe.

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Amelia Earhart – Going Tiny on Purpose – Life Purpose
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