Pain, Pie, Poverty & Purpose

Carmen Shenk & Xaver Wilhelmy

We were working crazy hours and not getting to see each other. We had a “come to Jesus” conversation and put our busy restaurant on the market. It sold almost immediately, and then we bought a tiny house and moved in. The first bit was wonderful, the honeymoon stage. Then I started coming face to face with my own mindset…

What do you want out of life that is worth more to you than living in a great big house? #purpose #destiny #vision

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Episode 3: Pain Pie Poverty & Purpose

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Episode 3: Pain Pie Poverty & Purpose

Minimize the mundane things of life in order to make room for purpose.

This podcast episode brought to you by the good folks at Experience Tiny Homes where Lindsay Wood and her crack design team will personally help you go from tiny house dreamer to dweller.  Pop over and check them out, tell them I sent you.

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Transcripts coming in 2021

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