Screenshot (109)I’ve been following Craig Cooney on social media, his website is and I find his work so encouraging.
Long long ago and far far away I walked in a prophetic anointing. It was glorious at times. I have stories that would blow your mind. Like I said… “long ago and far away”I will be honest with you, I saw so much (acceptable in church-culture) abuse toward women that I finally walked away from the church completely. Honestly, that was one of the BEST decisions of my life! I still walked in Faith, just not in cultural christianity.  I got outside that cultural zone where so much toxic stuff against women is reinforced on a weekly basis. Of course this isn’t true in every congregation, but if you are outside of that world then you might not even fathom how true it is in some places. I couldn’t handle walking around like a heart-break or tantrum waiting for a place to blow up. And I didn’t have the tools or understanding to wrestle into words what was breaking my ever-lovin’ heart so relentlessly. That sucked.  Leaving helped me regain my mental health.

Time passed. I ditched some toxic relationships and mindsets. I discovered a man whose life was marked by kindness and even though I said “I WILL NEVER… get married again” …I married him! Again, one of the best life choices I’ve ever made.

Then I let go of another “I WILL NEVER… get involved in church again” and after a while we started going to church. That’s a story in itself! (Our sweet little uncommon church is amazing!)

I feel the prophetic gift stirring in me again lately, and that’s why I have made significant changes in the way I do my work. You wouldn’t believe some of the cool projects in my desk right now! 💕 It’s so exciting!

If you have an interest in a message that comes from the living Word – aka Jesus – through fallible people (the only way God ever does anything) then you find Craig Cooney’s Instagram refreshing – and possibly mine as well.

So much of what is in the atmosphere with the label “Christian” is so unlike the character of the homeless man from Nazareth, so I find myself looking for other words to describe this amazing mystical dance of spirit, soul, and body that is bringing me somewhere I could not ever go on my own.

Stay Tuned,
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