Honor Your Health

I recently met author Karen Creamer, RN.  I heard her speak at a Writer’s Conference and I was immediately intrigued by her message.

Book Honor your HealthIf you ever wanted an open minded friend to explore some alternative health options and report in on what works and what doesn’t… well… Karen is that friend! Having had a harrowing experience with the medical profession during the birth of her first child, Karen was determined to learn for herself how to help people on the path to wellness with compassion, warmth, and wit. The stories in this book are literal page-turners! I could not put it down. Secondly, Karen goes through a whole list of methods of alternative health and self care that can be very helpful and she shares her experience with each of them and makes recommendations – including helpful resources to explore for more in-depth learning. I found these suggestions very helpful and the stories engaging.

The book is an empowering look at common sense self care in a world where health care is paying more attention to their computer screens than they are to their patients.  I was impressed with her encouragement to choose effective holistic health methods and be a advocate for your own health with the medical profession to create a life of clarity, comfort, and connection.  I think you’ll find this book an empowering read.

Find Karen Creamer’s book here: Honor Your Health

Check out her website here: KarenCreamer.com

Find her on Facebook here: Karen Creamer Author


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