What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You!

Kerri Richardson

Kerri Richardson

Kerri​ Richardson may not remember this, but I dropped in on something she was doing. I think it may have been one of her Facebook Live coaching calls. I said “Writing is difficult” and she told me that as long as I told myself that writing was difficult – writing would be difficult for me. Those few simple words struck me like a two-by-four because I knew she was absolutely right! The next morning I sat down to write and had a little talk with myself about what an amazing thing it is to write, and how blessed I am that I get to create great wads of words that people actually read. Then the new words showed up, and I put them on the page. That’s why you’re mentioned in the acknowledgements of Kitchen Simplicity, Kerri.  Who knew when I tuned in, that I was in for a real #lifelesson !!

The other day, she did it again. Kerri (with Melissa’s voice in the background chiming in) talked about getting their home ready to sell… and how we could get our homes ready to live in – so that WE get to enjoy our homes at their best…. instead of making the place cute just to get it sold. LOVE that idea!  So guess what I’ll be doing around here in the near future!  Ya know… when I have time. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

This morning she did it again. A little email wound it’s way into my inbox (I signed up for her email list) and was exactly the reminder I needed.  She talked about the “Shoulds” in our lives and her insight that when we tell ourselves that we should do something – it shuts us down.  If instead, if we change our shoulds to coulds… then we can relax into our opportunities instead of being overwhelmed by the list of things that SHOULD be done.  She’s right – that’s a world of difference.

Her email really hit the mark with me because I have been responsive when someone puts a great big SHOULD on me, but recently I have been learning to say “No” more often, and when I don’t… I really pay the price. I’m learning. My Mister keeps yelling “BOUNDARIES are a THING!” with big Italian gestures and crazy eyes! You’d almost think I hadn’t been listening with the way he’s been going on. lol!

I bought a copy of Kerri’s wildly popular new book “What your Clutter is Trying to Tell You” and honestly I have not had time to read it, but I flipped through it. (I will take the time to read this book!)  There are little ovals that stand out in the text with special messages she’s highlighting and a few of those really struck me. I haven’t even read the whole book and I know it’s a valuable resource because I know SHE is a valuable resource. If you’re considering the transition to a smaller space, or just want to live more simply in the space you already have – I would very happily point you to her book and her email list, and her Facebook Live events that she does. I can confidently say that her work will help you, because it’s already helped me and I haven’t even read the whole book yet.  While you’re at it, consider signing up for her email list.  Getting a super-helpful email like this is a real pleasure!  And ya know… check her out on Facebook as well and then next time she does one of her Facebook Live events… make a point to be there.

Thanks Kerri!

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PS: She’s also a tiny house person – how cool is that?!

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