The Blackbird Season

This is my first Kate Moretti novel, and I’ll be back for more! I don’t usually read suspense, but I am really glad I picked up this book, Moretti totally won me over!

This is a story set in a small town – a bit too small – everyone thinks they know everyone else, but there are some surprises in store. Moretti weaves a tale where nothing is quite what it seems on the surface, and as you wind your way down through the layers, there is so much here to love. Through the perspective of various characters we see a world with atmospheric and edgy qualities, and the blackbirds settle through the story adding just the right spookiness without being kitschy. The best part about this book are the curious characters who look, and keep on looking for truth. If ever there was a good reminder not to jump to conclusions about people, this is it.

This story has great heart, great characters, and it will break your heart. I loved it! 5d534-1a2bcarmen

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