Who Am I If You’re Not You?

Who 6This is a remarkable love story that starts with two women, and continues with a woman and a man… only it’s not about divorce and remarriage.  This is Jennifer’s story of marrying a woman, Marika – who then became Marc.  It’s a remarkable tale of expectations, transition, grief, and love.  It’s beautifully told and horribly painful and gut-wrenching in places, with splashes of humor that are surprising and wonderful.  The writing is concise and fast moving so you get a lot of story in a few pages, but the best part is the authenticity in the story telling.  There is no gloss or spit-polish in the presentation of this tale, just raw honesty, and it’s very refreshing.

I didn’t know what to expect with this topic, and I was glad that it’s not preachy and the author doesn’t come across as someone with an ax to grid.  It’s just a well written, compelling, and complex love story of two people who went through the storm together.  Dr Ritz Mae Brown, MSH called it “a Category 5 hurricane” and I agree.  When the storm passed and the clouds dropped the last of their burden and the sun came back out, this couple was still standing.  If anyone knows the truth of what it means to be a married couple, it’s Marc and Jennifer.

It’s a very life affirming tale and I’m so glad I read it.  I’d love to see this book taught in schools as a way of reminding us all that no matter what labels we wear or where we find ourselves on the continuum of gender, we share a common humanity.  Love and grief are a part of all of our lives eventually.  I know you’ll love this book!5d534-1a2bcarmen

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