Spells & Oregano

If you remember earlier this year when this happened…

Then you’ll know how much I love the latest news!

Look what just came in the mail!

AND – this beautiful book is released today, November the 30th, 2017!!

(So hurry on over and get your copy NOW!  I’ll wait.)


Isn’t it beautiful?  Look at the inside, it even has beautiful fonts and designs inside.


How cool is that?!  AND, she signed it for me!



This is BOOK TWO of The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy, the first one remains one of my favorite books of all time!  And I’ve read the advance copy of Spells & Oregano and I Could. Not. Put. It. Down.  I can’t wait to sit down with this one and devour it all over again!  The story is complex and will keep you guessing, it’s deep, but not in a cloying way – rather – it’s authentic and spicy and… gosh, I’m running out of words here.  This book is like an aged fine wine.  You’ll enjoy savoring every last drop.

It gets better, there is also a recipe with this book created by the lovely and talented Ann Cosolaro Minard, and photographed by her talented daughter:

Salsa Italiana Recipe Card Back

Graphic design by Carmen Shenk

This makes me hungry!  And if you can make something this good so simply, why bother with a store bought sauce?  This is the “real deal” folks, try it out!

How about that… an oregano recipe to go with a book called Spells & Oregano!

I wonder if that was planned.


Pst – preview here.

I’m so pleased to recommend this book to everyone who loves a captivating story with a complex story line and vibrant authentic women!  Spells & Oregano by Patricia V. Davis from HD Media Press.  Go here to see the trailer, it’s a work of art in itself!

Spells and Oregano Recipe Card Front

Graphic Design by Carmen Shenk

David Copperfield (yes – THAT David Copperfield) LOVES this book.  Patricia got the opportunity to meet him and ask questions about how one would use a grand magic illusion to hide a murder… oops – don’t want to give away any of the plot!  Yes, this is one for the “Must Read” pile!

IMG_2798 2

Read this book, and visit the Author’s website for a Reader’s Guide: PatriciaVDavis.com.  You can even invite Patricia V. Davis to visit your book club via Skype, wouldn’t that be fun, and wouldn’t you be the star for thinking of it?!  While you are at it, pick up Cooking For Ghosts at the same time so you don’t miss a thing.  Start your Salsa de Pomodoro bubbling away on the stove, then pick up this book, but don’t forget and burn the sauce… e4f60-1a2bcarmen




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