Where the Sweet Bird Sings

I just read “Where the Sweet Bird Sings” by Ella Joy Olsen and I don’t know if there is an actual category in book selling for genealogical mystery, but there should be, and this is it!  Don’t let the cover fool you into thinking this is one of those “sweetness and light” books found in the Christian fiction section, it’s not.  It’s far more interesting.

This is a genealogical mystery with a modern woman at the center.  She finds the truth of herself through researching the past.  This incredibly rich and complex story follows one voice the whole way through, there is a small cast of characters, and this introverted woman, this grief stricken woman… finds more than answers, she finds identity.  Truly a remarkable read.  I am still marveling over the ending of the book, talk about packing a punch!  It was powerful!  It’s a joy to reach such an intricate well-crafted story!  I look forward to reading more by Ella Joy Olsen.

The book is expected to be released August 29, 2017.  If you have ever searched for present day answers in your DNA or by exploring where you came from, then I’d recommend pre-ordering your copy of this book today.

Thank you to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


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