Secrets of Worry Dolls

I read “Secrets of Worry Dolls” by Amy Impellizzeri about a month ago.  Then I got busy and had to put off writing the review, but here’s the thing… this book has haunted me ever since. Even though I read it a month ago, the story is still right there in my spirit.  It’s an excellent reminder that we don’t know what a person has been through just by looking at them, and it’s good to cut them some slack.

I could not put it down and read most of the night. Who needs sleep when you have a good book, right?

There is a mental image that lingers with me of a cliff wall of thriving orchids that are finally safe from poachers.  That image is enough to keep me coming back to this book, but there is so much more.  When a friend of mine showed up wearing a necklace with a number of worry dolls on it, I had to tell her all about this book.  These little dolls are symbols of the way we cope through heartbreak, loss, and tragedy.  Some folk seem to skate through life without a care, others have seen so much darkness and betrayal and those are the ones who will understand worry dolls.  The way this international novel concludes is unexpected but artful.  This beautiful intricate finely-crafted story will break your heart and mend it again before you turn the last page.

I’ll read this one again and again.

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