House Broken

I was attracted to this book, House Broken by Sonya Yoerg, because of the gorgeous dog on the cover, but that’s not what kept me turning the virtual pages!  The main character, Geneva Novak, is a Veterinarian, but she’s also a sleuth where her family is concerned.

I’m not sure how to describe the story line other than to say it’s a reverse explosion.  You meet the family when they’ve been scattered all over, the shrapnel of events in the distant past… a family diaspora… but crisis and curiosity begin to bring each family member into the same space again, breathing the same air, finally understanding their shared truth, and wiping their tears. Even the dogs get in on the complex relationships, bringing us dog-lovers even deeper into the world of dog behaviorist Geneva.  It’s a vexing story of secrets and private pain, humanity at it’s worst and best, but it’s also remarkably life affirming as the individuals build a new connection to each other based on truth rather than fear.  There are so many rich details that I enjoyed, the “word cloud” that the daughter makes and hangs in her bedroom, the little blue handgun (yes, blue) wrapped in cloth that falls out of a purse, and the mutually useful relationships that evolve around scarcity and desire.  It’s a complex and satisfying read, a study in human complexities, and not a bit of it is cliche or formulaic.

I’ve read that this book is Sonya Yoerg’s debut novel, and I find that very impressive.  She sure nailed it right out of the gate!  This story is beautifully told, skillfully written, and I’ve already got a copy of her next book in my bag to read this weekend.  I look forward to venturing into her world again!  IMG_20170513_154831

There was a book signing in Charlottesville last weekend, and I was delighted to drive over and meet the woman who wove this remarkable tale.  This picture shows (from right to left) Ms Yoerg, her friend Ms Allen, and then that’s me on the left with the colorful hair.  Both women were such fun (the Best People)!  In fact, I now have signed copies of “The Middle of Somewhere” and released May 2017,  “All the Best People” to delight my senses as “House Broken” has.  Come on weekend… hurry up, will ya?!  I’ve got books to read!

Check out her website to learn more about the woman behind these books.

Stay Tuned,


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