Truffles for Ann Garvin

 I was so pleased to read I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around by USA Today bestselling author Ann Garvin.  And what a treat this book is!  And for that matter, I really enjoyed Ms. Garvin’s earlier book “A Dog Year“.  She must love dogs as much as I do… which takes some doin.

One refrain in the book is a slight rewording of an old familiar song into “Our dog… is an awesome dog” which inspired me to make a whole series of truffles.  Each one features one of my family members, including my brilliant husband’s cat… and somehow seeing a photo of a cat with the line “My dog is an awesome dog” just made me smile. 

 Every now and then I came upon a part of the book that just made me laugh out loud.  I even surprised the dog a time or two.  This line about Mr. Schrofnagle cracked me up!


 I can identify.
 This is my favorite, and an excellent reminder.
 One of the things I appreciate about Ms. Garvin’s writing is that she is very anti-cliche.  So how do you communicate in a helping context without borrowing those old phrases?  Make your own.  And sometimes they ring true in a way that feels like ancient wisdom.  For example: “High drama is over when you say it’s over. Just pull out. Stop playing along.”  So true.
 That explains my divorce.  lol!
These are my favorites.
I really loved this book!  It’s easy to see why it has so quickly become so popular.
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